What is involved in the maintenance of warp knitting machines


Traction belt equipment: Before the improvement of the […]

Traction belt equipment: Before the improvement of the traction belt equipment of the stainless steel warp knitting machine, pneumatic is used, and its clamping force is adjusted according to the pressure regulating valve of the charging cylinder. The tensioning cylinder is used to tension the drive chain. The size of the tensioning force is adjusted according to the pressure regulating valve of the tensioning cylinder.

Part of the transmission system: the user of the machine selects the AC motor as the driving force and uses a soft starter to control it. The starting growth speed is smooth. The rotating shaft adopts a hydraulic transmission coupling to protect against torsional vibration. The control handle allows the coil to have a different speed Than, keep forward, overturn and parking.

Electrical equipment and automatic control system: The stainless steel warp knitting machine has released a new high-efficiency and environmentally friendly AC motor speed control system software. The soft starter is used to change the speed. This speed change system software not only gets rid of the left and right defects, but can be improved on trust .

Nowadays, weaving machines have already achieved success, and they are used in several fields, usually professionally used for weaving apparel. It is worth mentioning that its long-term application will definitely damage or cause common failures, so it is usually done well. , Small repairs are all necessary, and people must remember some key aspects.

Warp knitting machine maintenance means disassembling and disassembling parts of the equipment, carrying out carding and cleaning, and replacing parts that are expected to be destroyed before the overhaul is over, and then installing and adjusting according to minor maintenance regulations. The time is usually in the machine, all normal operations will be started in about 24 months.

Dismantle and disassemble all equipment parts and components during overhaul, carry out complete cleaning, repair damaged parts, eliminate parts that exceed the application period, and then carry out installation and adjustment in accordance with the overhaul regulations. Overhaul is usually performed on all normal operations of the large round machine. 98 repairs .

Weaving is dominated by chemical fiber cotton yarn, and can be repaired in about two months of normal operation. The specific steps are to remove the knitting needles and foundation sinkers, etc., clean the needle groove and foundation sinker groove, then reinstall, guide the yarn The feeder (yarn feeder, steel shuttle) adjusts again until everything starts normally and ensures the quality of the fabric.