What is EL type electronic bar traverse mechanism


The SU bar traverse mechanism has the following feature […]

The SU bar traverse mechanism has the following features:

(1) Change the pattern quickly, stop the time, and the machine is efficient; eliminate the processing, assembly, disassembly, picking, cleaning, etc. of the chain;

(2) It can save chain costs, storage, and reduce fixed capital expenses;

(3) It can produce more economical small batches and multiple varieties;

(4) It can interface with the pattern preparation system, which is conducive to efficient and accurate pattern design work.

With the improvement and improvement of the multi-card warp knitting machine and the development of the wide lace product, the SU traverse mechanism adopts the magnet-mechanical conversion device to realize its main function, and the adaptable machine speed is not high (the maximum speed can only reach 450 rpm). The shortcoming of the traverse distance is insufficient; in addition, the transmission mechanism is complicated and the running noise is relatively large.

High speed machine electronic traverse device

The comb structure, the number of combs and the speed of the high-speed warp knitting machine are very different from those of the multi-comb warp knitting machine. The electronic bar traversing mechanism for high-speed warp knitting machines mainly includes an EL type electronic bar traverse mechanism developed by Karl Mayer and an ELS type electronic bar traverse mechanism developed by LIBA.

EL type electronic bar traverse mechanism

The EL type electronic control bar control system was developed by Karl Mayer in 1990. Instead of running through the spindle drive, it uses a new servo motor drive and is controlled by a computer.

Initially, the EL type traverse mechanism uses a rotary servo motor + ball screw transmission mechanism to convert the rotary motion of the rotary servo motor into a linear motion by a ball screw transmission mechanism, thereby pushing the traverse of the bar. Since the transmission mechanism is required to convert the rotation of the servo motor into the lateral movement of the bar, the machine speed is not high, and the maximum machine speed is 900 to 950 rpm. At present, the EL using this driving method is used for the driving of the ground comb and the Jacquard comb of the multi-card warp knitting machine. For example, in the 14th International Textile Machinery Exhibition in 2003, Karl Mayer's new lace machine TL66/1/36 and FL20/16 ground comb and Jacquard comb were used.

One and a half years after the birth of the former, it was driven by a new linear servo motor. The linear motor can directly obtain linear motion and realize “zero transmission”, which can directly drive the comb.