What are the daily maintenance contents of the warp knitting machine


When the warp knitting machine works, the parts of the […]

When the warp knitting machine works, the parts of the machine will change slightly. In the long run, there will be various problems. Therefore, appropriate maintenance must be carried out on various parts. Only in that way can various problems be prevented, so relevant rules and regulations for the daily maintenance of warp knitting machines should be implemented as soon as possible to promote the stable development of the enterprise.

The daily maintenance of warp knitting machines generally includes the following three aspects

1. Add a variety of grease or lubricating grease to each specific friction component on time to reduce component damage and save output power. There are many rolling friction members on the warp knitting machine, such as the reciprocating sliding of the triangle seat in the slide rail and the left and right sliding of the knitting needle in the needle groove. This sliding not only consumes a lot of driving force, but also accelerates the damage of components and jeopardizes the service life of the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of equipment, all normal production and manufacturing, and reduce labor intensity and power, custom inspection plus lubricating oil is very important.

2. The characteristic adjustment of the coil spring of the lead frame, each wire of the lead frame according to the smoothness of the hole, the state and destruction of the equipment of the carbon brush, the state and destruction of the equipment of the yarn feeder, all the normal states of each member of the surface of the triangular seat The proper state and damage of a circle of triangles, adjustment and damage of the triangle seat adjustment iron.

3. If there is no problem on the spot and debugging of the warp knitting machine, the noise of the machine is not easy to be large during all normal operation periods. Most of the noise problems in the middle and late periods were caused by poor maintenance, and the problems of the machine were not immediately eliminated and resolved.

The above are some suggestions for the daily maintenance of warp knitting machines summarized by the manufacturers. I hope everyone can do the daily maintenance of the machine and let the machine create greater value for the enterprise.

With the introduction of the warp knitting machine productivity enhancement package (PEP), it has once again increased the productivity of its machines, thus setting a new standard for the production of knitted apparel.

The enhanced package of the warp knitting machine speeds up the weaving process by increasing the transmission speed and the improvement possibilities provided by the creel staggering on the fabric edge. The customized technology developed is energy-saving and durable, so it is economical. All machines can be ordered through an innovative combination of machine control and model software.

With the help of PEP, design engineers are based on the introduction of HP-generation intelligent technology, which will shorten the running time of weaving by as much as 14% and further reduce the running time. On average, they focus on the optimization of speed-related processes, which can save on average every time 4%.

The use of PEP and the reduction of running time mean that the number of fabric pieces produced on machines with the same service life, performance and accuracy is higher, the moving speed of the carriage when weaving can reach 1.2m / s, and the moving speed when idling Up to 1.5m / s.