Waste entanglement should be removed in time to ensure accurate pulling density


The routine maintenance of the pulling roller generally […]

The routine maintenance of the pulling roller generally requires the surface of the pulling roller to be clean, no waste silk, waste cloth entanglement, excessive or long winding of waste silk on the pulling roller will shorten the use time and pulling effect of the flannel, and even affect the fabric. During daily inspections of quality and security workers, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pulling rollers of each device are operating normally (old warp knitting machines with a long use time are particularly important), and whether the skin and fleece of the pulling rollers are intact. Timely maintenance 、 Trimming is intact (trimming has certain skills, which need to be constantly exchanged and summarized in actual work). When there is waste entanglement, it should be removed in time to ensure accurate pulling density.

Generally, it is necessary to adjust the pulling rollers right after wrapping, so that the gaps between all the pulling rollers are the same (you can enter and exit a threading sheet), and the cloth surfaces of the left and right fabrics are the same. After using for a period of time, the skin of the pulling roller flannelette will become thin. At this time, the gauze sheet is extremely easy to enter and exit, and the gap needs to be adjusted. Otherwise, the actual longitudinal density on the fabric will be slightly larger than the machine density. If it is not adjusted in time, The actual density of the cloth on the machine will be much larger than the density set on the machine.The warp amount will be significantly different from the density on the machine, which will cause the cloth edge to break easily.In warp knitting machines with stepped gears, it is generally dense. Tolerance is 0.5 turns / cm or -0.5 turns / cm (but not -0.5 ~ 0.5 turns / cm. On computer warp knitting machines, due to the small level, the vertical density tolerance can be calculated as -0.2 ~ 0.2 turns / cm. (It is easy to adjust and can achieve almost no tolerance), otherwise the fabric does not meet the process requirements

The winding directions of two adjacent pull rollers are the same or different, and if the glue is not completely dry, whether the service life of the flannel on the surface of the pull roller will be affected. Further statistical comparison is needed to wrap the pull rollers or rolls. The flannel on the cloth roll is the basic skill of warp knitting and maintenance. It is also a necessary skill to properly wrap the puller flannel, which can improve the internal quality of the fabric, stabilize the square meters and other inherent indicators, extend the life of the flannel, and save costs. Reduce equipment maintenance time, so as to improve the quality of fabrics and reduce costs