Warping machine maintenance and inspection standards


With the development of new loom technology and sizing […]

With the development of new loom technology and sizing technology in the direction of high speed and automation, the traditional mechanical batching is gradually replaced by a new batch warping machine with high speed and large package and high degree of automation. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain and maintain the warping machine. The maintenance and maintenance of the warping machine should pay attention to the following points.

Because the warping machine adopts plc for core control, which reduces the incidence of mechanical failure, we should first strengthen the maintenance of electrical components and wiring of electrical boxes. The warping machine has high speed and large vibration, which is easy to cause loose or poor contact of electrical components. Therefore, we must regularly check the electrical components and wiring to prevent loose or virtual connection.

Because the warping machine process is large, the hair is easy to be attached to the electrical components and the motor, which is easy to cause damage to the original or the motor. Therefore, the front part, especially the electrical box, the TV cover and the inverter fan should be cleaned frequently, especially in the case. summer. We can open the door or cover to cool down.

In the daily inspection, the operation of each part of the shaft sound should be checked frequently, and the lubrication and refueling work of each part should be done well. In particular, the brake device should always check the brake action and replace the brake disc in time to replenish the brake fluid. . In addition, it is necessary to check the periodic oil circuit or gas path for the hydraulic control or pneumatic control machine.

Regularly check whether the position of the yarn insertion is correct, and clean the broken head self-stop device to prevent the broken hair from causing the broken head self-stop device. Strengthen the cleaning, inspection and maintenance of the telescopic box and the box motor.

Develop corresponding maintenance inspection standards, strengthen the training of maintenance and operation personnel with professional technical knowledge, and strictly implement the operating procedures to reduce equipment damage caused by improper operation.