Warp Knitting Machine have specific advantages


The Warp Knitting Machine can be used to produce indust […]

The Warp Knitting Machine can be used to produce industrial warp knitted fabrics with parallel weft insertion. Compared with woven fabrics, Warp Knitting Machines have specific advantages and can be used for reinforcement, support, isolation, filtration, and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make them very suitable for the construction industry. The facts have proved that this type of product is very successful in applications such as coating base fabrics, roofing films, stabilizing and enhancing slopes and dams, road maintenance, reclaiming mineral deposits, building roadbeds, train track embankments and landfill sites. Base etc.

The warp and weft yarns are lined in longitudinal and transverse directions, respectively, without damage or bending, and the loaded yarns are aligned in a straight line. The advantages are better cohesion performance, a 20% increase in warp and weft strength, better resistance to tear propagation, and a coil system that makes the tie more stable. The new yarn laying system positions the weft inserting path in X, Y, and coordinates so that the yarn can be partially moved in parallel in both directions and the speed is greatly increased.

The entire weft insertion system only needs to move in one direction, and the position of the previously narrowed lining yarn in the weft chain needle hook also becomes wider, so the machine speed can reach 1300 to 1800 rpm. Thanks to the gentler weft lining, this technological innovation has many more advantages. The quality of the fabric is more complete, the processing process is also more stable, and the types of yarns that can be used for weaving are also expanded.