Warp knitting machine can create a three-dimensional effect


Compression yarn type multi-bars warp knitting machines […]

Compression yarn type multi-bars warp knitting machines have mechanically controlled MRGSF 31/16 EH and electronically controlled MRGSF 31/16 SU. Flower combs are divided into two types, one on the front of the press board, which can create a three-dimensional effect. The other type is placed behind the ground comb to make a weft-inserting movement, mainly forming a flat pattern to set off the pattern of the main body.

The Contourette multi-swarmer warp knitting machine combines the Jacquard system with a multi-swathe warp knitting machine to form a fancy backing with Jacquard, producing contoured curtains. This type of machine is called the Contourette warp knitting machine. Electromagnetic Jaccard controlled MRJC 22/1 and Piezo Jaca controlled MRPJ 24/1.

The Jacquardtronic multi-warter warp knitting machine is equipped with a Jacquard system on a multi-bar warp knitting machine for the production of lace. Called Jacquardtronic warp knitting machine, which uses electromagnetic Jaca control MRESJ43/1 and MRESJ73/1. There are three kinds of MRPJ 25/1, MRPJ 43/1 and MRPJ 73/1 controlled by Piezo Jaca.