Use and Improvement of Double Needle Bed Warp Knitting Machine


In the double needle bed warp knitting, as the design l […]

In the double needle bed warp knitting, as the design later developed into a universal machine, mainly knitted shawls and scarves. Like rib weft knitting, the needle bars alternately arrange the machines in a back-to-back manner, but soon they are placed completely behind each other to facilitate the guide bar swinging. Six to eight guide bars and various accessories are used, such as a lowering plate, a wrinkling movement (you can disconnect a needle bar to select a predetermined stroke), and a switch device for moving the guide bar push rod.

Move from one track of the pattern chain to another, and perform simple weft inlay or insertion. The front needle bar can be replaced with a pointed rod used to make plush and pile structures, or it can be completely removed, so that the rear needle bar can weave a single-sided fabric driven by a new set of cams, thereby increasing the speed of knitting Double.

Improvements in weft knitting and single bed warp knitting machines have isolated the double needle bed into a slow, coarse gauge and very bulky machine. However, the component arrangement and weaving function of the warp knitting machine is not as complicated as that of the simplex machine, so it provides greater adaptability and modification possibilities in order to weave a special structure at an economical speed.


The front stitch, reverse stitch, zero stitch length and rotating needle bar are controlled by the program. According to the arrangement and combination, different types of decorative stitches can be sewn, such as X cross stitch, square stitch, zigzag stitch, etc. It has more than 20 conventional pattern needles for single and double needles. The operator can easily change the pattern through the touch screen.

The three-piece composite feeding structure can ensure smooth feeding when sewing heavy patterns, and it is difficult to move the upper and lower materials, even if the needle bar is shaken during the rotation. Pneumatic instant adjustment of the alternating amount of presser foot, rapid change of thread tension, lifting of pneumatic presser foot, integrated LED lights, hands-free bobbin winder and self-locking stitch length dial It is equipped with a standard 8mm needle gauge kit and pneumatic front half device.

Used in a variety of materials, such as leather, synthetic leather, sports equipment, vinyl, coated fabrics, canvas, jeans, synthetic materials, webbing and upholstery materials. It is controlled by a servo motor, easy to operate, does not require skilled technology, and is widely used in various industries.