There are many types of warp-knitted laces


The warp-knitted production process, warp-knitted lace […]

The warp-knitted production process, warp-knitted lace is made by weaving on a warp knitting machine, also known as knit lace or lace, which originated in Europe in the 16th century and is widely used in the decoration of luxury clothing. With the development of the textile industry, warp-knitted lace has expanded from clothing decoration use to home decoration and accessories, and with the improvement and improvement of production technology and machinery, its products are constantly enriched and exquisite, promoting warp lace The rapid development of the industry.

There are many types of warp-knitted laces, which are mainly classified according to machines that produce lace.

Tricot lace:Tricot lace is produced on the Tricot Multi-Combine Warp Knitting Machine and used as interior fabrics such as curtains and tablecloths. According to the needs of the product, the machine is equipped with a Jacquard system, which can form a pattern base fabric to produce a pattern with a contour.

Raschel lace:The Raschel lace is produced by the Raschelo combing warp knitting machine. At present, it has a maximum of 78 combs. The more the combs, the larger the space for the flower design. The multi-comb raschel lace has high production efficiency, exquisite pattern and high degree of production automation, and is favored by consumers. Raschel lace is divided into traditional Raschel, electronic Jacquardtronic, and Textronic.

The traditional Raschel is mechanically controlled, and its pattern is realized by the movement of the chain. Replacing the pattern requires rearranging the chain, which is relatively complicated and time consuming. The domestic abbreviation of Raschel lace refers to this traditional raschel lace controlled by machinery. The most representative model for the production of traditional Raschel lace is MRSS32 (32 comb).

Jacquard Raschel is produced by a Raschel warp knitting machine equipped with a Jacquard device. The Jacquard device is installed on the top of the machine. The looping mechanism is basically the same as the general raschel warp knitting machine. According to the complexity of the pattern effect, one or two Jacquard combs and corresponding shifting needle beds are arranged, which are subject to their respective The pattern cam is controlled to make a certain regular traverse movement.