The transmission time of the warp beam motor requires a certain time


In the warp knitting production, the transverse strip m […]

In the warp knitting production, the transverse strip marks along the full width of the grey fabric are called warp knitting strips. The specific feature of the horizontal bar is that the size, shape and position of the coil are different from those of the normal course in a plurality of courses in the longitudinal direction of the grey cloth. The warp-knitted horizontal bar caused by the unstable operation of the machine during normal operation of the machine is called the running horizontal bar. As long as the machine parts are properly adjusted, the running bar can be completely eliminated. When the machine stops driving, it is caused by the warp beam called the parking rail. At present, the horizontal bars that appear in the process of warp production and stop driving cannot be eliminated.

The reason for the occurrence of the parking bar is analyzed, because the warp-knitted horizontal bar is mainly composed of a thin and dense course which is different from the normal circle height and the coil form. Therefore, during the stop driving process, the change in the amount of warp per revolution and the warp tension is the primary cause of the formation of such a strip, which is closely related to the operation of the warp device (including the warp tension compensating device). The traditional mechanical let-off and let-off device is composed of many components. The inertia and elastic deformation, the joint gap and the transmission speed between the two are caused by the fact that the delivery amount and the spindle speed cannot be synchronized, which results in obvious stopping of the horizontal bar.

The electronic let-off device simplifies the complicated mechanism of mechanical delivery, and the delivery is accurate without running the horizontal bar. However, in the process of stopping the driving, since the transmission time of the warp beam motor requires a certain time, the relative spindle motor has a certain time lag. Sex, so that it appears as a more obvious horizontal strip on the cloth surface. Therefore, it is necessary to actively study the following relationship between the warp beam passing and the spindle running during the stop driving process, analyze the formation mechanism of the warp knitting rail, and develop and optimize the warp knitting electronic let-off device, which will effectively improve the production quality of warp knitting products. Increase the economic efficiency of the company.