The RSJ Jacquard machine is equipped with four to five combs


The RSJ Jacquard machine is a new type of loop-shaped J […]

The RSJ Jacquard machine is a new type of loop-shaped Jaccarat Shearing Machine. It uses the new PIEZO Jacquard system. The machine is equipped with four to five combs and the front comb is Jaka. Comb, the last few combs are used for the weaving of the ground tissue. Unlike conventional Jacquard warp knitting machines, two semi-machine-configured split Jacquard combs are used in this type of machine to create a loop motion for producing fabrics with a fine relief effect pattern or a flat effect pattern.

Elastic Jacquard fabrics and non-stretched Jacquard fabrics can be produced depending on whether the spandex elastic yarn is used or not. The style of the fabric can be selected from dense structure or various mesh structures. The weight of the fabric ranges from 80g/m2 to 250g/m2. The products are widely used in women's underwear, tights, corsets, sportswear, beachwear and Casual wear and so on.

Elastic Jacquard fabrics can be produced using RSJ4/1 by using plain filaments on a Jacquard comb and one or two ground combs, and using elastic filaments on a ground comb, which can be produced using such a comb configuration method. A flower pattern with a stereoscopic effect and a visual impact. In addition to the Jaka comb JB and the two ground combs GB2 and GB3, the RSJ4/1 is equipped with a rear comb GB4 suitable for weft insertion. Thanks to this weft-inserted comb, not only can we make some mesh or small-mesh fabrics on the RSJ4/1, but we can also use some special materials such as natural fibers when weaving the Jacquard pattern. The RSJ5/1 is equipped with a ground comb, so it is especially suitable for woven mesh structures, such as elastic mesh fabrics.

At the same time, the Jacquard comb configured on the RSJ5/1 is different from the RSJ4/1. The two semi-machine numbers separated by the Jacquard comb can be used as a reverse gauze, thus providing a larger product for developing RSJ warp knitting products. Design development space. On the RSJ5/1 Jacquard machine, in addition to producing some of the same conventional products as the RSJ4/1, it is also possible to produce products with special effects. In the formation of the elastic mesh structure, on the one hand, according to the conventional conventional method, four ground combs are formed into a mesh structure, and a Jacquard comb is used to form a flower pattern; on the other hand, the separated and reversed can also be used. The Jacquard comb of the mat yarn is combined with the weft knitted fabric to form a mesh structure.