The reason why jacquard knitting machines produce wrong flowers


If you do not consider the special circumstances brough […]

If you do not consider the special circumstances brought about by special organizations, and only consider the wrong flowers and squandering caused by incorrect needles, there are mainly the following possibilities:

a. The degree of synchronization between the needle selector and the big circular machine itself is not good, which will cause the whole plate to be randomly and randomly scattered. At this time, the parameters of the machine can be re-adjusted.

b. The depth of the needle selector jacquard piece is not enough, which will lead to horizontal chaos. The middle needle is pressed in by the jacquard piece. If the middle needle is not pressed enough, the middle needle is still spliced by the needle triangle triangle. At this time, the specific number of flowers will be disorganized, and the random flower will be horizontal.

c. Abnormal wear of the jacquard piece (the same phenomenon occurs when the needle or the needle is the same), which will cause vertical chaos.

d. Loom assembly design problems, resulting in overall pattern dislocation, this problem is relatively rare.

e. Reset triangle or pin-up three-track design or processing problems, resulting in a random number of roads. Appears when the triangle is worn out or there is a problem with the assembly design.

f. Selecting the needle point (the needle selector presses the jacquard piece into the deepest position of the needle barrel) relative to the needle triangle, which are too close together, resulting in squandering. If the middle needle does not complete the needle selection action (pressed by the jacquard piece), it has already entered the needle triangle track, resulting in random flowers, usually the horizontal and horizontal flowers.

g. The matching position of the needle selector and the jacquard piece is poor, resulting in squandering. For example, the needle selector should not be pressed to the jacquard piece when the cutter head is lifted, but the jacquard piece is pressed because the needle selector is installed at a low position, so that a certain number of roads are scattered.