The output of the machine can reach 10 meters per hour


Modern multi-comb warp knitting machines have undergone […]

Modern multi-comb warp knitting machines have undergone great changes in terms of machine structure, raw materials used, flowering principle and flower design. It has become the main machine for the production of lace, women's underwear and outerwear. A press plate device is installed on the multi-card warp knitting machine, and a part of the color bar is arranged in front of the press plate, and the press plate can form a stereo effect on the surface of the cloth. If it is woven with the weft-in-color comb, it can form a lace fabric with a strong three-dimensional effect. Since the calendered comb is not looped, this expands the range of use of the yarn material.

Multi-comb and Jacqu are the two most important methods of flowering in warp knitting, combining the two organically (generally Jacqu is used for flower color organization), making the lace fabric "icing on the cake", which represents multi-comb A huge advance in the development of Raschel warp knitting machines. Therefore, since the 1970s, multi-comb and Jacquard devices have been combined in the same machine, and this successful technology has been gradually implemented.

In the multi-bar raschel machine, due to the large number of combs, the pattern is completely organized, so a large number of chain blocks must be used, and the parking time is long when the pattern is changed. To overcome this shortcoming, the SU electronic bar traverse mechanism was developed. At present, most foreign advanced countries use multi-comb raschel warp knitting machines with SU devices.

The application of the SU electronic traverse mechanism has made great progress in the development of multi-comb warp knitting machines, saving a large number of chains and increasing the number of combs to 78. In addition, the design of multiple comb designs has changed, making computer-aided design possible. With the electronic pattern control device, the pattern change time is shortened, and the pattern is changed in just a few minutes. The machine's speed is 420 rpm and the output can reach 10 meters per hour. The addition of the electronic Jaka makes the pattern more refined and perfect.