The operating specifications of the warping machine


1. The operator checks the operation of each part befor […]

1. The operator checks the operation of each part before the formal operation and does a good job of daily inspection.
2. The process requirements should be clearly observed before work.
3. Check whether the warping machine meets the technical requirements for operation before running the machine. After the requirements are met, the machine can be started and turned on. Warping machine technical operation requirements: check whether the power supply is connected; check the auxiliary equipment: tension sheet, carding needle, pressure roller, reversing, circlip, etc. are complete, not malfunctioning; check whether the emergency brake device is complete and not malfunctioning; Check whether the rpm tables are flexible; whether the electrostatic device is operating normally and meets the assembly requirements;
4. If you see the lack of cheese before driving, you need to add the same number of similar yarns.
5. Push the same size of the tray.
6. Pay attention to the upper plate: the hook should be hooked and locked, check whether the pressure roller is pressed firmly to avoid the loose disk, causing quality accident or abnormality.
7. The maintenance and car-stop workers should be familiar with and understand the technical operation requirements of the varieties opened by this machine.
8. When replacing the tensioner or other warping parts, first disassemble and assemble.
9. Check the white oil frequently (usually for three days). If you are under the warning line, you should refuel in time.
10. At the beginning of warping, pay attention to shaking the door to avoid the flare or concave shape.
11. The sanding of the woolen plate is usually sanded to prevent the yarn from appearing on the edge of the door.
12. After the start-up, when common quality problems occur, the following measures can generally be taken: missing head:: adding yarn; loose yarn: re-adding head; pressing yarn: pouring yarn; oily yarn: releasing the original yarn and replacing it with clean yarn Wool: Change the number of yarns to rotate: Re-distribute 砣 Paste: Re-paste.
13. Specially collect and store waste yarn and waste materials processed every day, and dispose of the disabled oil materials in the waste oil cylinder for separate disposal.
14.found odor, abnormal sound, abnormal, immediately stop, after the completion of the work to confirm the normal, in order to operate normally.