The mechanical parameters are used for horizontal tracking


The electronic jacquard system is mainly used for the e […]

The electronic jacquard system is mainly used for the extraction of flower patterns, and then the traverse of the shuttle knot to realize the shaping of the flower pattern. It is mainly implemented by an embedded system: Jacquard data is the action control of the conversion and jacquard; the execution action is realized by 3146-4096 solenoid valves. Due to the slow response of electromagnetic action, it is now slowly replaced by piezoelectric ceramics with fast response.

In addition to control and driving, the entire system has a good man-machine dialogue. This is mainly done by Advantech's touch computer TPC-1260, which runs monitoring software and weaving conversion program on the computer.

Monitoring software function design

System operation monitoring

The running status monitoring of the whole system: the running state of the servo, the communication state of the PLC, the servo, the shuttle number of the flower running, and so on.

parameter settings
Complete the system's parameter settings: mechanical parameters, motion parameters. The mechanical parameters are mainly the spindle parameters, which are used for horizontal tracking; the motion parameters are mainly used for PLC positioning control (pulse frequency, filtering time, acceleration and deceleration time, etc.)

Process needle
This function is to achieve the initial needle insertion of the shuttle.

It is mainly used for fault handling and yarn breakage of servo alarms.

Pan head control
Mainly used to monitor the electronic delivery part.

User Management
Used to set the relevant operation rights and password settings.

Questions about the system can be found in the help.

The whole system system provides a total solution using Delta's mechanical and electrical products with high cost performance. In the communication process of the whole project, solving the comprehensive problem is more prominent and shows the advantages of Zhongda products in system integration.