The main institutions of the modern machine have been improved


The main institutions of the modern tricot warp knittin […]

The main institutions of the modern tricot warp knitting machine have been electronically improved, the ability to transform the pattern and improve the quality of the product. The EL electronic bar traverse mechanism is controlled by a linear motor, and the pattern change is quick and convenient. It mainly consists of a main shaft with an inner iron core and a coil around the outside.

When the current is passed, the coil generates a magnetic field that causes the iron core to move linearly, thereby transmitting the traverse motion directly to the guide bar, and the power source is controlled by the computer.

The EL electronic bar traverse mechanism is simple, the traverse is reliable, and the operation is convenient. The traverse movement controlled by the EL is more precise than the disk control, and a large needle back traverse can be performed. Since the memory capacity can be continuously expanded, the pattern cycle is basically unlimited, and the current pattern cycle can reach up to 30,000 courses. It also eliminates the need for chain storage and maintenance, reducing the possibility of errors. It can quickly design the pattern, the pattern change is fast, the setting and operation time are short, the productivity is high, and it is very economical.

Even if the product with complex structure is produced, it has no influence on the production speed of the machine. Since the EL mechanism is generally used to produce complex pattern structures, the machine speed is limited to a maximum of 1500 rpm.