The ground comb can be controlled by electronic traverse on the machine


The spacing of the spacer yarns is such that the thickn […]

The spacing of the spacer yarns is such that the thickness of the fabric is greater than the spacing between the two release plates. The machine can be equipped with up to 7 combs, in which the two combs are working on the corresponding needle bed, and the three combs in the middle are simultaneously mating on the two needle beds. Different mat surface effects and a variety of spaced three-dimensional structures can be formed using different mats or using different materials. The ground comb that forms the spacer fabric can also be used to create special patterns or to achieve some special functions.

For example, the mesh-like spacer fabric has a side that allows the air to circulate better due to the mesh, and is very useful for some sports equipment. The spacer yarns can be arranged at different angles in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction, so as to ensure a stable spacing between the upper and lower layers of the fabric, and generally the spacing of the fabric can be restored to the original size after the applied external load is removed.

On the RD7N warp knitting machine, the ground comb can also be controlled by electronic traverse, the pattern change is simple and convenient, and the adjustment of the fabric thickness is also convenient and simple. Thanks to the specially designed central spacing adjustment mechanism, these tasks can be completed in minutes. The distance between the stripping plates can be adjusted in an integrated and synchronous manner, and the front and rear knocking plates are simultaneously changed. The adjustment of the pitch is stepless, and the adjustment range is 4 to 15 mm.

In the past, the adjustment of the distance between the stripping plates was carried out under the condition of removing the bar by a circular caliper. It is very difficult. Now, simply turn the adjusting screw and use the handle wheel to change the two knocking plates simultaneously. The position is achievable and the position of the coil grip and the anti-seizure self-closing wire are also adjusted.