The double needle bed warp knitting machine


The circled Jacquard needle offset is firstly applied t […]

The circled Jacquard needle offset is firstly applied to the production of jacquard pantyhose, seamless garments, etc. on the double needle bed warp knitting machine. By controlling the jacquard needle at the edge part, it is selectively selected in the front needle bed or the rear needle bed. The stitches are looped or nicked to achieve a seamless connection of the front and back panels.

In fact, the release of the front-end Jacquard needle offset can achieve three effects, such as missing pad, single needle looping and double needle looping (heavy tissue), plus the mesh formed by the needle back offset. Thin, thick and other effects, the fabric's pattern effect is more abundant, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger.

This not only can form a plurality of functional areas such as ventilation and reinforcement on the fabric, but also enriches the variety of colors and colors, and improves the unity of warp knitting in color jacquard.

However, due to the limitation of the uniform yarn supply of the warp beam, the significant difference in the yarn consumption between the warp yarns caused by the change of the front stitch of the Jacquard needle is difficult to compensate by the spring finger, so the practical application of the needle front offset needs to be cautious.