The core technology of the knitting machine


In the electronic traversing system of the knitting mac […]

In the electronic traversing system of the knitting machine, the reciprocating movement of the comb is started very frequently, and the comb is required to accelerate in a very short time and can instantaneously stop positioning during a high speed stroke. That is, it is required that the bar traverses smoothly, and at the same time, the comb bar requires high speed and accurate positioning.

Therefore, the stable, high-speed, high-precision electronic traverse control is the core technology of the knitting machine . In the process of traversing the system can meet the desired requirements will be affected by a variety of factors, in the actual production practice, through repeated experimental observations found that the main movement of the comb rake movement spindle angle detection, transmission mode, etc. Traverse and other influencing factors.

The spindle position information is monitored by the spindle signal device and will be transmitted to the control system to control the comb strokes in the corresponding area. The reading accuracy of the main shaft signal device on the spindle position directly affects the start time of the barrage traverse, and it corresponds to the spindle yaw angle input control system corresponding to the allowable traverse time of each comb bar as the traverse trigger signal. The absolute rotary encoder is 256 lines, and the rotary shaft rotates once a week and the encoder outputs 256 kinds of codes, namely 0-255.

The machine spindle is connected to the code axis by 1..1, and one quantizer of the encoder is 1.406° (360°/256) of the spindle angle. The higher the resolution of the spindle encoder is, the more accurate the starting time for adjusting the stroke of the bar is, which is more beneficial to the improvement of the movement performance of the lateral movement system.