The characteristics of the new wire flower comb traverse


The wire flower comb traverse system is used on Meyer's […]

The wire flower comb traverse system is used on Meyer's new generation of lace machines, each of which is controlled by a servo motor. Each wire comb is connected to a servo motor, and the servo motor performs a traverse motion, and the wire comb is recovered by the air compressor.

One end of the wire flower comb is connected to the servo drive unit through the connecting belt, the other end is connected with the reverse balancing device, and a clamping device is used near the servo driving unit to prevent the deviation of the wire comb traverse path, and the forward and reverse of the servo motor The rotation causes the wire comb to traverse back and forth. When the motor rotates clockwise, the wire comb moves to the left through the clamping device; at the same time, the pneumatic piston in the reverse balancing device moves downward, and vice versa, the wire comb traverses to the right. The pneumatic piston moves up, and the reverse balancing device ensures that the tension of the wire comb is uniform during the traverse process. The reverse balancing device is a pneumatic device, which is equivalent to a gas spring. Compared with a general spring, it has a more gentle effect on the wire comb, and the bar has a smooth traverse, no sharp change in speed, and no impact. It ensures the exact tension of the wire and does not cause friction inside the system.

The wire flower comb yarn guiding system consists of fine wire and flower comb yarn guide needle; up to 8 bar can be gathered; the yarn guide needle is attached to the thin wire comb and can be replaced; each wire is connected to the servo motor to complete the traverse motion.

The characteristics of the new wire flower comb traverse mechanism:

1.Compact structure and less space, which is conducive to the configuration of more pattern combs;

2.The maximum stroke of the comb traverse can reach 180mm, and the cumulative traverse stitch length can be increased from 47 stitches of the original SU mechanism to 170 stitches, which expands the range of the flower pattern;

3.The quality of the wire rope guide bar is only 100 ~ 350g, which reduces the yaw inertia;

4.The program can be freely programmed by the computer pattern preparation system, and the needle positioning is accurate;

5.The machine speed is high, can reach 700 rpm (current lace machine maximum speed);

6.Reduced adjustment time on the machine, easy to maintain, greatly improved production efficiency; fabric quality is greatly improved.