The advantages of increasing weaving efficiency and productivity


Manufacturers have successfully proposed an innovative […]

Manufacturers have successfully proposed an innovative and revolutionary research approach to eliminate the ongoing moratorium and allow the weaving process to not stop while the bundle is in progress.

The aim of the proposed work is to develop a portable mechanism that can be used in conjunction with any current automatic bundling machine. The project aims to eliminate the need to stop the weaving process in order to bind. At present, when the shaft is used up, the operator stops the process and takes the automatic punching machine and its table with the warping shaft to the loom.

The binding operator is required to set the time before the warp is automatically bound to the corresponding yarn of the warp bundle from the warp shaft. After the combination, the empty shaft is removed from the loom and replaced by a complete shaft. Then the knot passes through the different parts of the loom, namely the drop line, the wire and the reed.

The weaving process is then restored after several hours of production. The project recognizes the advantages of increasing weaving efficiency/productivity and reducing the cost of weaving products. This will give fabric manufacturers a competitive advantage and may increase the number of jobs in weaving and related industries.