The advantages of a double-needle bed machine


In the double-needle bed warp-knitted pantyhose machine […]

In the double-needle bed warp-knitted pantyhose machine, the traction tension of the fabric is controlled by a computer to make the pantyhose have a certain shape. These are typical examples of the successful application of computers on double-needle bed raschel warp knitting machines. The double-needle bed warp-knitted briefs adopt a non-sewing process and are economical to produce. Double-needle bed warp-knitted pantyhose and gloves take socks and gloves to a new level.

The double-needle bed warp-knitted pantyhose can make a pattern with full width and high flower width along the circumference, which has good anti-dissociation and greatly improves the service life of the socks. Compared with the seamless stockings produced by ordinary sock machines, this product has great advantages. The productivity of double-needle bed warp-knitted pantyhose and gloves is very high. A double-needle bed machine can produce 8 pantyhose at the same time, with an annual output of 500,000 pieces, which is economical. The latest model is RDPJ 6/2 controlled by JIA, Pia.

The flat yarn made of polyethylene film or the flat yarn made directly from the drawing equipment is used as a raw material, and the woven pocket is woven on the double needle bed raschel warp knitting machine, which is widely used for food, vegetable, fruit packaging and daily bag. use. Since this production method has high production efficiency, it is only necessary to cut off the continuous production of the various pocket connecting strips to obtain a finished pocket, which is short in process and labor-intensive. This pocket production method is valued by the plastic flat-line pocket industry, and the main production model is RDS11.