Textile machinery is the basis for the transformation and innovation of textile industry


Textile machinery refers to all kinds of machinery and […]

Textile machinery refers to all kinds of machinery and equipment that are used in various links of the textile process to process natural fibers or chemical fibers into textiles. Textile machinery is the basis for the transformation and innovation of China's textile industry, the key to transforming China's textile industry from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and an important cornerstone for China's development from a textile-intensive country to a textile-powerful country.

In the main textile process, the spinning machine first spins various natural fibers and chemical fibers into yarn, the weaving machine weaves the yarn into cloth, then the printing and dyeing machine dyes and finishes the cloth, and finally the garment is used to make the fabric into clothing .

China is the world's largest textile and apparel producer and exporter, with a complete industrial chain layout. The textile industry is a pillar industry of China's national economy and an important civilian production industry. At present, China's fiber processing volume accounts for more than 50% of the world's total, and the textile industry ranks first in the world. The development of the textile industry has driven the development of the textile machinery industry. China's textile machinery industry already has a large scale and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain layout.


After China's economy has entered the new normal of development, the textile industry is also in a critical period of transition between the old and new growth models. The only way to implement the transition is to rely on technological innovation to drive development. Textile machinery is the equipment technology foundation of China's textile industry. Focusing on the needs of textile industry structural adjustment, developing high-end textile equipment technology and improving the level of domestic textile equipment manufacturing is an important foundation and key for China's textile industry to change from strong to strong.

"Green textile" is a prominent theme of the development of the knitting machine industry in the 21st century, so it can improve resource utilization and reduce energy consumption. Environmentally friendly textile equipment has a broad market space. At the same time, the engine conversion of the textile and apparel industry's development momentum, the previous production competition mode of production factors is being transformed into a comprehensive competition of scientific and technological strength. In the future, the textile and apparel industry will no longer be a labor-intensive industry, but will have obvious high-tech industries. Characteristic technology-intensive and creative-intensive industries. Therefore, innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly, digital and intelligent textile machinery is the main development trend of textile machinery equipment in the future.