Technical parameters of high-speed warping machine


Now that there are more and more polyester dry mesh man […]

Now that there are more and more polyester dry mesh manufacturers, there are more and more requirements for warping machines. Let us introduce the characteristics of warping machines? What are the specific models? What is the parameter?

This machine is a high-speed warping machine. It is used for the separation of high-strength yarns such as polyester monofilament, industrial wool, chemical fiber nylon, etc. It is an important supporting equipment for industrial net and bottom net looms.

Technical Parameters:
1. Number of spindles: 400-1000 spindles (user-defined).
2. the scope of application of monofilament: 0.03-1.0mm
3. through the disc specifications: 450 × 800 × 250 × 280 (mm) cast aluminum alloy.
4. Winding: Frequency control, closed loop control of yarn speed, constant line speed.
5. tension adjustment: pneumatic adjustment, warp tension digital display, disk tension 3000N or less.
6. fixed length detection: digital display, counting length, counting double insurance control.
7. the main drive: chain drive, planetary cycloid reducer.
8. operation: start, brake, electric, positive and negative, speed.
9. motor power: 4KW.
10. Speed: chemical fiber, polyester monofilament 15 m / min, industrial use 20 m / min.
11. the weight of the whole machine: 1.8 tons (excluding the number of spindles).