Strict operation and management of shaped reed


Air jet loom profile reed condition is good or bad and […]

Air jet loom profile reed condition is good or bad and air jet loom whether the normal production has a very close relationship. Therefore, we must conscientiously do a good job of maintenance and maintenance of shaped reed. In each machine, first of all, do a good job of cleaning work, remove rewinding on the reed, fly and oil pollution, and then do a good job in accordance with the relevant requirements of other maintenance and repair work, and establish the appropriate management system.
In order to reduce man-made damage to the reeds and strengthen the sense of responsibility of all kinds of workers concerned, we have set up a strict handover system for jet reeds. The value of each class car workers must take over the shift system must check to prevent damage caused by the value of the operator error caused by the operation; value car workers to strengthen operating skills training, scissors head is not allowed to touch the reed. On the shaft before demolition of the car must be shaped reed acceptance, after passing by the captain demolition of the machine, with a special reed transport vehicles to prepare workshop operation, foreman acceptance and sign and make sure that no one in the process of reeling in reed damage. On the shaft before the machine must be tested on the shaft wear, in particular shaped reed, to confirm no problem before the machine; if there is a problem in time to find wear comprehensive team leader to implement the preparation process responsibility. After the end of the machine, by the operation of the production team leader acceptance of the machine, and shaped reed for acceptance, no problems with the normal transfer, there are problems to pursue on the fleet responsibility.