Strengthen the repair of shaped reed


To do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of shaped […]

To do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of shaped reed. Replaced reed, first with compressed air to clean, remove the reed sheet surface of the cotton wax, dirt, grease cleaning machine using a microwave, after washing with water washed and then blow dry. Production of special-shaped reed storage iron frame is generally 5 layers to 6 layers, each layer made of wood clip reed beam groove, the classification of the reed surface vertical release, to prevent the reed surface bending deformation affect the normal use; reed iron frame stored in dry Clean place. All newly introduced reeds, reed maintenance personnel must be the initial acceptance, registration, number, make a record of work; the use of the problems arising from the timely feedback and put forward suggestions for rectification. For warp yarn (chemical fiber) varieties, the left with 25 pieces of reinforced dents to improve the reed wear resistance and extend the service life of the reed.