Save the intermediate conversion mechanism of reed binding machine


The comb-electron traversing mechanism of the linear se […]

The comb-electron traversing mechanism of the linear servo motor direct drive is mainly composed of a linear servo motor, a linear guide slide block, a comb ram, a tension spring and a comb shank. The linear servomotor driven transmission device directly generates linear thrust without any conversion device. Therefore, it can save the intermediate conversion mechanism and simplify the mechanical transmission mechanism of the entire device or system, ensuring the reliability of the operation and improving the movement. Transfer efficiency.

When the machine is running, the main controller receives the traverse trigger signal from the spindle, and obtains the corresponding pattern data and the amount of lateral movement in the memory to send a motion command to the linear servo driver, and the servo motor drives the comb bar to perform the traverse movement. The linear encoder or magnetic scale built into the linear servo motor converts the displacement of the motor into a position pulse signal and sends it to the servo driver as a feedback signal.

The main structure of the "electronic servo-motor reducer" is the servo motor, reducer, steel belt, steel rope, cylinder and transmission wheel. Rotary servo motor is connected with the reducer. The reducer is used to amplify the torque of the servo motor. The output shaft of the reducer is equipped with a rotating wheel, one end of the steel belt is fixed on the rotating wheel, and the other end of the steel belt is connected with the comb and the comb. The other end is tensioned by pulleys, cylinders, and other mechanisms.

The cylinder has three functions. One function is to drive the comb in the opposite direction through the reaction force of the cylinder when the servo motor is reversed; the second is to maintain the tension of the comb structure of the steel wire structure; the third function is to overcome the deceleration. Machine backlash.

The constant cylinder air pressure is conducive to the smooth movement of the comb bar, and the electronic bar traversing mechanism is small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for traversing and driving the flower comb with fewer guide needles installed thereon.