RSM series double axial lining warp knitting machine


Applicable to: lining cloth, mesh base fabric, light bo […]

Applicable to: lining cloth, mesh base fabric, light box base fabric and various biaxial fabric production, transportation construction, glass fiber composite material deep processing field. For example, the hot-melt adhesive lining is a base fabric produced by a full-width weft warp knitting machine as a base fabric, the warp yarn of the grey fabric is a polyester yarn, and the polyester low-elastic yarn for the weft yarn has a warp direction and a good drapability, and the weft direction has good elasticity. Soft to the touch, strong randomness. The garment lining cloth with hot melt adhesive coating on the surface is heated and bonded with the fabric to form a composite fabric, which effectively improves the stiffness and wrinkle resistance and increases the flexural elasticity, thereby improving the styling and stability of the fabric. The process is formaldehyde-free and resin-free. It is an environmentally friendly interlining. As a clothing material, it has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, breathable moisture permeability, randomness and shape retention.

Technical Parameters:
Working width: 186′′, 215′′, 247′′
Self-stop device: ground comb blowing self-stop, weft yarn weft stop, oil supply pressure protection system
Safety device: weft protection door, pull-proof anti-pinch device, take-up emergency stop device
Comb traverse mode: disk cam
Mode of delivery: ground comb electronic delivery, warp roller delivery
Pulling method: electronic pulling
Coiling method: EWA winding up to 800mm
Transmission mode: main motor frequency conversion
Wefting method: servo control
Needle type: compound needle
Opening device: 4 sets of heating wire
Pan head: warp, ground comb head 30′′/21′′ universal
Suction device: 2 sets
Machine speed: 40-1200rpm
Escalator: 1