RJWB 8/2 Cliptronic Jacquard warp knitting machine is used to produce lace


As the number of cards of the RJWB8 / 2F Jaka warp knit […]

As the number of cards of the RJWB8 / 2F Jaka warp knitting machine increased, there were 8 cards, thereby expanding its product range. It can produce elastic and elastic lace (with or without garlands), full-fitting tights or outerwear fabrics. RJWB8 / 2F type flower combs and Jaka combs can be interchanged. In this way, up to 4 combs can be used to produce stretch mesh base fabrics, hexagonal meshes or other structures.
RJWB8 / 2 Cliptronic Jacquard warp knitting machine is used to produce lace. Its pattern is exquisite, with three-dimensional effect, and the base fabric has a clear structure, light weight and low cost. RJWB6 / 2F Jaka warp knitting machine is a deformation machine of RJWB8 / 2F, which can knit and form high-end women's underwear. It consists of two parts, the lace trim part in different widths and the connected plain weave area. The plain weave area adopts a simple Jaka structure, which looks in harmony with the lace decoration part. The garment pieces are woven across and the front and back pieces are of different lengths. The front piece is 18cm wide lace, plain weave connection part and 7cm wide lace decoration part (bottom edge of underwear). The back piece is also composed of two lace and plain weave connecting parts, most of which are the same as the front piece, except the width of the upper lace. The straps connecting the front and back pieces are also knitted on the machine at the same time and made into lace. The biggest feature of this production method is that the different structures of the front and back pieces, the lace and the plain middle of the jacquard are all completed together on the same machine, and the clothing can be made almost seamless. In addition, clothing pieces can be used to dye, which ensures that the entire garment has no color deviation.
RJWBS4 / 2F Jacquard warp knitting machine and its products
The RJWBS4 / 2F warp knitting machine is developed and changed on the basis of RJWB4 / 2F. The "S" in the new model represents lace and is mainly used to produce tights and underwear, elastic or non-elastic full flower fabrics and Lace-trimmed strips are also used to produce elastic and non-elastic shaped garment pieces. On the RJWBS4 / 2F Jaka warp knitting machine, the second ground knitting knitting knitting chain organization, the open knitting chain will be separated in the anti-knitting direction during the use of the fabric, so an additional control system is used to control the second carding Needle traverse, which can also be used to produce other tissue structures. This system is equivalent to a miniature SU device. However, in order to achieve this, multi-comb data is required in the pattern data. The production of this machine has the following characteristics:

(1) The pattern circulation is not restricted;

(2) A surface structure capable of forming an independent three-dimensional effect;

(3) the ground organization has the greatest transparency effect;

(4) The yarn can be controlled to enter or exit the knitting during the jacquard process;

(5) elastic yarns can be used;

(6) The product is widely used.