Ribbed knits can be produced on RD4N knitting machines


RD4N is a double-needle bed warp knitting machine for t […]

RD4N is a double-needle bed warp knitting machine for the production of warp-knitted fabrics. It uses four bars to produce Simpson fabrics that were produced in the past with the HDK2 Tricot warp knitting machine. 4 combs can be woven in two stitches on the bed. Generally, the distance between the two strips is 1.6~2.6mm.

In special cases, it can be adjusted to 8mm. Ribbed knits can be produced on RD4N warp knitting machines, and the fabric looks slightly different from HDK2, but it can be produced more economically. The fabric is soft, extensible and superior drape. Different woven needles (spring pins and tongues) can be used to create different fabric characteristics, and fabric properties can also be changed in fabric finishing.

The machine mainly produces rib fabrics with very good elasticity, twill fabrics, patterned Simplox fabrics, shoe fabrics and functional sportswear. At present, there are a certain number of such machines in China, and RD2N is introduced more, and RD4N has not yet been introduced.

Warp-knitted short-staple fabrics are widely used in automotive fabrics, often as a covering fabric for chairs and sofas. Recently, it has also expanded into fabrics for airplanes, trains, ships, and bedding, and the demand is increasing.

In order to produce patterns with complex patterns and colors using colored yarns, machines with increased number of piles have been developed, such as RD7DPLM-EL, RD8DPLM-EL. On these types of machines, four ground combs (front and rear needle beds, two for each) are generally arranged, and the remaining three or four are combed yarns. This kind of machine has certain development in China, mainly used in automotive fabrics.

After the splitting, the double-bed raschel warp knitting fabric is finished after being opened, cut, polished, printed, etc., and then the suede is facing outward and the back to back is sewn together to form a warp knitted blanket. Machines for producing toy plush and felt fabrics are RD6DPLM/22, RD6DPLM/30, HDR6DPLM/30.