Pay attention to the regular maintenance and repair of the Knitting machines


A kind of weaving machine for high-speed crocheting bel […]

A kind of weaving machine for high-speed crocheting belt machine. Due to the long use time and correct operation steps, various problems will occur. Therefore, in normal times, we must pay attention to the regular maintenance and repair of the instrument. Knitting machines are no exception. Today, let's take a look at the daily maintenance and repair process of a knitting machine.

First of all, to check the operation and maintenance of the knitting machine, in order to maintain the good function of the knitting machine and extend its service life, we should stop protecting and maintaining the tool at any time. In a short period of time when the knitting machine is running, the short velvet and wax fragments form the needle slot needle bed of the mineral deposit, which stagnates the movement of the tongue needle. When the needle is over, the mass consumption is changed according to demand. Wiping, peach picking and replenishment; the same sound stopped the task of unilaterally stopping wiping the entire knitted chip.

The secondary forms that should be paid attention to during the refueling operation of the pine knitting machine are: the tension of the lead frame chuck; the function of the lead frame winding spring; the brightness of each yarn passing through the main road; the installation form and damage of the brush; The installation form and damage of the material nozzle; the deformation of the whole machine in the name of the triangle seat; the triangle of each circle. The exact shape and wear of the triangle seat, the movement and wear of the triangle seat adjustment iron, and the contact of the triangle seat with the needle bed and heel during the triangle seat reciprocating movement;

The shape of the yarn guide between the two needle beds is accurate; the movement and wear of the shuttle box installation; whether the iron nut, rail flow nut and various secondary element nuts of the needle bed can be loosened; the deformed shape of the propagation effect structure and the deformity of various ethnic groups Active control measures; due to the uneven density of the fabric, both sides of the fabric were paralyzed, the edges were opened, the needles were leaking, the needles were crying, etc. Mobilization and elimination.

The task of refueling is to inject lubricants or greases of various nationalities at designated conflict locations to reduce wear and tear on machine parts and save energy. There are many slip conflicts on the sweater knitting machine, such as the triangular support on the guide rail sliding back and forth, and the needle thread sliding in the groove. This department not only consumes a small amount of energy, but also reduces the wear rate of machine parts and reflects the service life of tools. This is operation maintenance, including operation maintenance and general maintenance.