New type of machine uses an N-shaped pattern mechanism


A raschel machine with two rows of opposite faces and p […]

A raschel machine with two rows of opposite faces and parallel to each other is generally called a double needle bed raschel warp knitting machine. It can be individually woven into loops on each needle bed. Fabrics that have different styles and different patterning effects from single needle beds, such as Simpson fabrics, double needle bed plush fabrics, spacer fabrics, double needle bed fabrics, and formed products, are then produced by partial or full attachment. Wait.

These products are widely used in women's underwear, automotive interior decoration and various industrial textiles. In order to meet the needs of a variety of raw materials and product uses, various types of double needle bed warp knitting machines have emerged.

Simplon fabrics are a unique warp-knitted product that is similar to weft-knitted double-faced fabrics, with no difference. The fabric is tight, the style is smooth, and has a small longitudinal extension. It is now widely used in printed underwear, bras and gloves. The typical machine for the production of such products is the RD2N, which is a double-needle bed raschel warp knitting machine with two needle needle beds and two bar rollers.

The fabric was previously only available in the double needle bed Tricot warp knitting machine (HDK2) and is now produced using the RD2N double needle bed raschel machine. The machine uses an N-shaped pattern mechanism. The RD2N double needle bed warp knitting machine originally used the EBA-1 electronic let-off mechanism. Now it adopts the new EBA electronic let-off system, which is accurate in delivery, easy to adjust, and has a two-speed delivery function. The machine adopts a 4-roller pulling mechanism, and the pulling speed can be performed by adjusting the pulling conversion gears A and B.