Mechanical structure and working principle of full servo warp knitting machine


The full servo warp knitting machine mainly comprises t […]

The full servo warp knitting machine mainly comprises three parts: an electronic let-off system, a shuttle traverse system and an electronic jacquard system.

electronic delivery system

The main function of the electronic let-off system is to control the warp speed and tension control of various yarns, so as not to break the yarn, resulting in yarn breakage and woven flowers. The system is mainly implemented by three sets of servo + PLC.

Shuttle traverse system

The shuttle traverse system is a system composed of PLC and ASD, and is also the main part of this paper. The framework is detailed in the system block diagram.

The warp knitting machine has 56 or 40 shuttles, and the current maximum is 56. Each shuttle is controlled by a 750W servo. Since the number of control axes is too large, decentralized control is employed. There are two main points in the shuttle traverse system: 1 the speed and accuracy of each shuttle traverse. The spindle of the warp knitting machine requires a speed of 400 rpm. The spindle should be moved one revolution per revolution, and the movement time is only 1/3 rpm, otherwise the traverse will fail.

Pattern is data conversion. Since the pattern of woven flowers is generated by textile CAD software. The system needs to convert the relevant pattern data generated by the textile CAD into data that the PLC can recognize, and then perform the shuttle traverse control. At present, the system uses VB to write a pattern conversion software to complete the automatic conversion of the pattern data and the download of the data.

At present, the system adopts EH series PLC as the controller, which utilizes EH PLC's good servo positioning function, rich internal data resources and seamless communication with servo. The control and the drive are closely combined, and the two are closely combined to make the system control better.