Maintenance method of knitting machine


In addition to plant and labor, the most important thin […]

In addition to plant and labor, the most important thing in the textile industry is the investment of the machine. Buying a new machine can be a big expense for many SMBs. It is very important to maintain and guarantee the machine. A brief introduction to the warp knitting machine maintenance method is given today.

1. Inspect the transmission components of the machine every day, especially if the timing belt is too loose or too tight, tooth loss, breakage, and observe the wear state; check the important load-bearing parts such as the frame, wall panel, and foot, and check Fasteners and seals to prevent loose screws; if there are iron filings caused by friction, machine noise and parts displacement, you must carefully identify the cause. The operator must keep the machine clean and keep the workshop environment clean, such as regularly cleaning the needles, including the needles and the looping parts.

2. Some standard parts can be replaced by domestic parts, such as bearings, transmission belts, fasteners, electrical components, etc., production companies can combine the production characteristics of each factory, do digestion and absorption, innovation and transformation work. The inspection machine should be recorded in advance. After turning off the power of the machine, plug in the electrical connector; the touch screen is equipped with a protective film to extend its service life.

3. Remove the waste yarn wound on the machine, clean the air filter of the air conditioner. At the same time, we must pay attention to the localization of accessories.

4. Write the serial number of the guide needle with a marker pen. This is useful for recording the position of the defect and helping to analyze the cause of the defect. The split yarn is used to mark the position of the pan head, and the starting mark of the yarn splitting position is made to prevent the yarn from rubbing the pan head.
Doing the above points can not only ensure product quality, improve the efficiency of warp knitting machine, extend the service life of the machine, reduce the consumption of accessories, but also ensure the safe production of production enterprises.