Machine characteristics of Simplex warp knitting machine


Simplix warp knitted fabric is similar to weft knitted […]

Simplix warp knitted fabric is similar to weft knitted double-sided fabric. At the same time, this fabric also has some physiological properties, such as softness, breathability, fit, has a full hand, and has a low weight and soft surface. In the past, Simplex warp knitted fabrics were used to make gloves, or made of cotton fabrics with suede-like fabrics. Now they are widely used in printing underwear, swimwear, corsets, cut pile products, fashion and so on.

Previously, the Simplix warp knitting machine was only a Tricot warp knitting machine with a crochet needle. Due to the large demand for this kind of fabric, the world-famous Karl-Mayer company and Lipa company produced a new type of Simplix warp knitting machine in the early 1990s. But the two companies' new-generation Simplix warp knitting machines use different needle types. Karl-Mayer's model is RD2N, which uses tongue needles, and Lipa's model is Racop D2 Simplex, which uses slotted needles. This article only discusses the structural characteristics, weaving technology, and product development of the RD2N machine.
Machine characteristics
It consists of a yarn guide comb 1, a sinker 2, a tripping plate 3 and a tongue needle 4. The machine uses N-type pattern mechanism. When the yarn guide comb moves across the needle plane, it can be moved laterally. The pattern roller is covered with 48 N-type chain blocks, and a horizontal row is woven every 4 chain blocks. If the traverse is too early or too late, you can loosen the screws on the clamping disc and turn the shaft to adjust.
RD2N double needle bed warp knitting machine originally used EBA-1 electronic let-off mechanism, which is an electronically controlled variable-speed let-off system. Now using the new EBA electronic let-off system, let-off is precise, easy to adjust, and has a dual-speed let-off function. The machine uses a 4 roller pull mechanism. The pulling speed can be adjusted by adjusting the pulling conversion gears A and B.
It is not difficult to see from the above process that the number of combs is small, the structure is simple, and there is no complicated pattern effect. Because the Simplix warp knitting machine is designed for a specific purpose, it pursues efficient and flawless production of double-sided warp knit fabrics with compact structure and smooth style. Therefore, its process is relatively simple, and its color weaving possibility is correspondingly small.