Knitting machine for producing warp knitted spacer fabric


The spacer fabric is woven by a double needle bed rasch […]

The spacer fabric is woven by a double needle bed raschel machine. At least four bars are required for weaving. Five to seven bars are usually used depending on the product.

The spacing between the two needle beds can be adjusted within a certain range. In order to meet the requirements of different thicknesses, the main models for producing spacer fabrics are RD4N, RD5N, RD6N and RD7N. In addition, RD6DPLM/12-3, RD7DPLM/12-3 and RD6DPLM/30, which used to produce plush fabrics, can also be used. Used to produce warp-knitted fabrics.

The RD4N, RD5N and RD6N double needle bed raschel warp knitting machines can be used to efficiently produce high quality spacer fabrics from E18 to E32 with a pitch of up to 9 mm. However, these early models have certain limitations in product development, especially when producing functional three-dimensional fabrics. The new RD7N warp knitting machine can better adapt to the user's requirements (increased increase in bar and increase in spacing) to meet the needs of the market.

The RD7N machine is capable of producing spacer fabrics with a wider range of spacing fabrics and a wider spacer spacing. This model has two types of E12 and E16, which is an ideal model for producing rough fabrics up to 15mm thick.