Jacquard mechanism can meet the needs of machine speed


Jacquard technology is one of the latest and most advan […]

Jacquard technology is one of the latest and most advanced technologies in the field of warp knitting. It forms a pattern by controlling the offset of each Jacquard needle. Combined with different tissue structure design and application of different raw yarns, it can enrich the warp knitting. The color effect of the product enhances the added value of the product. The Jacquard can be installed on a variety of models, including single-bed warp knitting machines with fewer and more combs, and double-needle bed warp knitting machines.

With the application of piezoelectric ceramic technology, Jacquard mechanism can meet the needs of machine speed above 1000r/min, and the machine number is gradually increased to E32, and the pattern change is more flexible and convenient.

In recent years, with the sharp reduction in the price of Jacquard devices and the rise of seamlessly formed products, the Jacquard technology has entered a new era of development. Among them, the ring-shaped warp knitting Jacquard technology is the most typical, mainly reflected in the three aspects of the semi-machine number Jacquard comb independent yarn, Jacquard needle front offset and double Jiaka comb with jacquard. Technological advances have given space for design and innovation that has never been seen before.

Piezoelectric ceramic Jacquard combs generally use two separate, half-numbered combs. For example, the RSJ5/1 model introduced by Karl Mayer adopts two separate, half-machine Jacquard combs, each of which is equipped with a separate yarn path, and the warp yarns are respectively inserted in different directions without mutual Interference, so it can be considered as two independent combs, which can adopt different matting organization and mat direction, making the design more diverse and complicated.