How to realize high speed of the warp knitting machine


When the plate-type bar traverse mechanism works, the s […]

When the plate-type bar traverse mechanism works, the spindle passes through a certain mechanism to drive the roller, and rotates according to a certain transmission ratio with the spindle. The outer edge of the roller has a groove, which is covered with different shapes and number chain blocks, and the chain block According to the pattern of the flower pattern, the chain is connected by a pin, and the chain track embedded in the knitting wheel rotates with the drum, and the chain acts on the rotor that is in close contact with the surface (the rotor is always pressed against the chain by the compression spring) The rotor pushes the push rod through the slider, and the push rod is connected to the comb to drive the comb to move laterally along the needle bed.

The working surface of the common chain surface pushing the bar traverse is directly ground on the chain chamfering machine and is in a straight line shape. In this way, the impact force on the bar is large when it is traversed, which is not conducive to the increase of the machine speed, and the machine speed can only reach 600 rpm. Thus, a curved chain block with a curved working surface appears.

The curved chain block has a curved surface suitable for large needle pitch traverse, and can operate smoothly with low noise under high speed conditions, which is beneficial to realize high speed of the warp knitting machine. The guide bar is stable and the vibration is relatively small, which also helps to reduce the wear of each component. However, the curved chain block cannot be ground by the user, and the chain block can only be replaced in sections.

Disc type traverse device

The traverse of the bar on the warp knitting machine can also be realized by the disk cam, which has been widely used in modern high speed warp knitting machines. If the number of courses on the faceplate can be divisible by the pattern cycle, the faceplate cam can be used. Like the curved chain block, the disc cam has a curved surface, which makes the traverse movement very precise. In addition, the slab link is not installed correctly or the block movement is affected by the impurities in the channel, so the machine runs smoothly and the machine speed is high.

However, the cam processing precision is very high, and must be provided by a professional manufacturer. The user cannot manufacture according to the flower pattern developed by himself; and the complete structure of the pattern is limited by the size of the cam, and the entire cam device must be replaced when replacing the pattern, which is very inconvenient. Generally, it is only applied to a high-speed warp knitting machine whose flower pattern is not constantly changing or a pattern mechanism which is a ground structure of a flower card warp knitting machine. Especially on high-speed, low-compression warp knitting machines, the advantage of the disc cam type traverse mechanism is still great. At the 14th Textile Machinery Expo in 2003 (ITAM'2003), Karl Mayer exhibited the new high-speed warp knitting machine HKS2-3E and LIBA exhibited the same high-speed machine COPCENTRA 2KE with a speed of more than 3500rpm. Cam type traverse mechanism.