How to further improve the speed of knitting machine


Through the design practice, it can be seen that the ba […]

Through the design practice, it can be seen that the bar movement of the small bar warp knitting machine requires a stop and reciprocating swing at the limit position, and the WA TT type plane six-bar linkage mechanism with the dead point position can realize the approximate stop for a long time. For different models, such as the length of the stop time, the size of the swing angle, etc., the user can select the best solution according to the machine structure arrangement, the transmission angle, etc., or the graphical method can be organized into an analytical expression, and the optimal solution can be solved sequentially by computer.

With the increasing demand from customers for the variety of double-needle bed spacer fabrics, the production personnel must frequently adjust the separation distance of the two-disc needle plate in order to achieve the same batch production requirements for different fabric thickness products. However, due to the limitation of machine design, the operation of the decoupling needle groove plate of the domestic looms must be adjusted one by one when the separation distance is adjusted, and even the position of the detachment of the lingual needle needs to be adjusted.

The position of the needle of the guide needle, the position of the front and rear of the wire of the sinker, the ratio of the yarn to the warp, etc., so that the work is complicated and the time is long. When the machine is mobilized several times, it is easy to cause a cumulative error in the height of the connecting rod. Further, the flat machine must be re-detected to correct it.