How to design the displacement curves of the machine parts


The rationality of the movement law of the displacement […]

The rationality of the movement law of the displacement curve of the ring-forming parts and the mutual cooperation of the ring-shaped parts have a great influence on the speed of the warp knitting machine. When designing the displacement curves of the machine parts, they should be associated with their movements and should meet the process. Under the condition of the requirements, relying on the good cooperation of the coiled parts, the movement of the machine is reduced as much as possible and the pause time is shortened. The curve of the moving section requires smooth and less impact.

The project makes full use of various optimization techniques to optimize the looping curve of the old double-needle bed Raschel warp knitting machine, the motion coordination of each looping component is more reasonable, and the curve of the moving parts is more stable, avoiding Impact, increased speed.

Full electronic delivery, pulling and taking servo control system: EBA servo control system is adopted for the delivery of the equipment, and the EAC servo control system is adopted for the pulling and winding. EBA adopts advanced computer and electronic control technology, which makes the system compare FAG mechanical delivery mode and worm and worm roller type delivery. It has more convenient operation mode, strong visibility, high humanity and more accurate delivery volume control. It can weave high quality grey fabric with better fabric effect. The layout of the device is reasonable and simple, and has the characteristics of low energy consumption and low noise. The use of EAC electronic traction and take-up servo control system makes the system compare the previous mechanical traction and take-up system with the advantages of smoother and more accurate transmission, better cloth surface effect and more convenient and quicker operation.

Advanced cam traverse mechanism: The equipment adopts N-type disc cam traverse mechanism, which replaces the previous PN-type chain traverse mechanism. The traverse is more precise, the impact on the bar is smaller, the weaving process is beneficial to increase the speed of the car, the cloth surface effect is better, and the process of replacing the fabric pattern is more convenient.