How to create conditions for controlling the machine multi-axis


At present, many domestic enterprises are still using m […]

At present, many domestic enterprises are still using mechanical warp knitting machines, which have no warp-axis self-stop device and warp beam yarn rotation number display function. Although some domestic enterprises have also imported warp knitting machines with EBA delivery mechanisms and warp-axis self-stop devices, due to various reasons, the actual production often has low accuracy, large error, and is conducive to production control. And other issues. In order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and accurately control the time of the warp beam, the counter of this warp knitting machine was modified.

When retrofitting, the sensor is preferably installed in a place where it is possible to accurately record the warp beam rotation data and to be concealed. This prevents the sensor from being damaged when the warp beam or other operation is replaced. In the case of the device, it is considered that the warp knitting machine of different structures should select different device positions in consideration of meeting the requirements of use and meeting the requirements for saving data. The warp knitting machine produced in the early stage was driven by the worm gear because the warp beam was driven by the worm gear. Therefore, the sensor device was placed under the warp beam head, and an 8 mm bolt was installed as the sensing point on the shaft head. The purpose is to make the device sensor more convenient for the warp knitting machine that drives the warp beam through the gear belt. That is, a bolt is used as a sensing point on the gear pulley, and the sensor can be fixed beside it.

This technique of recording the number of warp beams by the counter has the following advantages: high accuracy, simple operation, and solving the problem of poor control of the machine time. The counter can display the remaining revolutions of the warp beam in real time, which not only facilitates the arrangement of the next production plan, but also creates conditions for controlling the warp knitting machine multi-axis. The transformation experience indicates that the transformation cost is generally about 300 yuan per axis. Through nearly one year of use, it proves that this method has the advantages of improved feasibility and equipment stability.