High-speed shuttleless loom has a wide range of applications


The high-speed shuttleless loom is simple to operate, e […]

The high-speed shuttleless loom is simple to operate, easy to understand, and does not take up space. The loom can produce all kinds of elastic and non-elastic belts, such as bust belts, elastic belts for clothes, ribbons, zip belts, shoelaces, etc. Used in ready-to-wear, hats, hair accessories, gifts, medical supplies, belts, gloves, raincoats, footwear, cameras, watches, leather bags and more. High-speed shuttleless loom It has the superior functions of double-layer weaving, double hook and double weft. High production efficiency, easy operation, beautiful appearance, balanced brown frame movement. The equipment is equipped with advanced automatic weft feeding device and variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor, which can fine-tune the weft feeding without stopping. It can be operated at a slight speed when adjusting the fabric, and is particularly suitable for weaving underwear belts, bust belts and ordinary zipper belts. It has strong adaptability and a wide range of use.

The appearance of high-speed crochet belt machine is accurate and durable, easy to disassemble, easy to operate without noise, and ensure high-speed operation. In China, high-speed crochet belt machine is widely used by our customers. The structure of high-speed crochet belt machine belongs to precision manufacturing Interchangeable and compatible, durable, easy to maintain, easy to adjust, quick and accurate parts supply standard, simple loading and unloading, easy adjustment, and noiseless operation.

The high-speed crochet belt machine has an automatic circulating oil supply device, automatic detection of the oil circuit and oil barriers, and strengthens the lubrication of the closed knife and the flower plate chain. Therefore, the life is increased. To save labor intensity, the design of the crochet belt machine is "double crochet single needle" and "double crochet multi needle" devices. The looms are suitable for weaving bust belts, shoulder belts, curtain belts and so on.