Further improve the speed of knitting machine


The warp knitting machine comb guides the yarn to the k […]

The warp knitting machine comb guides the yarn to the knitting needle through the yarn guiding needle to realize the yarn laying action. The mat yarn process generally has two forms of relative motion, one is the comb movement, and the knitting needle is stationary during the mating process. This method is called comb-to-needle active mat yarn; the other is comb-staying still Without moving, the knitting needle actively moves along the needle needle hole trajectory, which is called the comb-to-needle passive padding.

When the number of combs is small, the bar mass and the moment of inertia are small. At this time, generally adopting the first type of yarn laying method is advantageous for the high speed of the equipment, and the warp knitting machine is generally called a high speed warp knitting machine. When the number of combs is large, the bar mass and the moment of inertia are large, and the flower comb traverse motion is not suitable for moving in the front and rear directions. The multi-bar warp knitting machine generally adopts the active mat yarn method, that is, the first type of mat yarn. At this time, in addition to the up and down movement, the knitting needle movement superimposes the movement of the bar along the front and rear directions of the first method into the movement of the knitting needle.

It can be seen that in order to further improve the speed of the warp knitting machine, the small bar mechanism should be modified. The active mating process of the comb-twisting machine is in many cases, and the reciprocating swinging motion is adopted. The structure is that the comb is fixedly mounted on the comb hanger, and the hanger is fixedly mounted on the swing shaft, and the swing shaft is fixed by The swing arm swing drive realizes reciprocating swing; the active member (crank) device of the multi-rod plane link mechanism is on the main shaft of the warp knitting machine and is driven by the spindle motor, and the active crank is specifically configured as an eccentric or a crankshaft.