Five types of tensioning devices in warping machines


For the tensioning device in the warping machine, we ca […]

For the tensioning device in the warping machine, we can divide it into five types, namely the washer type tension device, the double column pressure plate type tension device, the double tension disc type tension device, the electromagnetic tension device and the yarn guiding rod tension device. Today, Xiaobian briefly introduces the five devices, which are as follows:
1. Washer type tension device: In fact, the tension of the yarn is adjusted by the tension.
2. Double-column pressure disc type tension device: The device changes the yarn enclosing angle by changing the position of the tension column, thereby being able to adjust the yarn tension.
3. Double tension disc tension device: The device has no core, and is pressurized by a spring. There are two sets of tension discs, one of which is used for shock absorption and the other is used to control the tension of the yarn. Therefore, the tension fluctuation is small, and the chassis can be rotated slowly to avoid flying flowers and debris.
4. electromagnetic tension device: This is the use of indirect method tension device, using the change of current to generate electromagnetic damping torque to achieve the tension of the yarn.
5. Guide rod tension device: This device is a double-stretch tension device, which controls the yarn tension by adjusting the angle of the yarn to the tension bar. It is possible to adjust the yarn tension at different positions.