Features of sandwich electronic jacquard warp knitting machine


Technical Parameters: Needle type: short moving tongue […]

Technical Parameters:
Needle type: short moving tongue needle No.: E16 E18 E22 E24 Number of combs: 4-8 Pulling plate spacing: 1-12mm Working width: 84" 110" 138"
Machine features:
The ZMY double needle bed electronic Jacquard warp knitting machine is composed of a ring needle bed, a stripping plate, a ground comb, an electronic Jacquard comb, a sedimentation bed and the like. The up and down movement of the tongue, the back and forth swing of the sedimentation bed, the upper pendulum and the lower rocking motion of the bar are all four-bar linkage mechanism, CAD pattern design, electronic Jacquard flower, electronic let-off device, electronic pulling mechanism, infrared break The yarn self-stop makes the product realize the integrated high-speed operation of machine, electricity, light and digital transmission.
The company provides double-needle bed 6 comb, 7 comb, 8 comb series sandwich warp knitting machine.
Application area:
Upscale sandwich jacquard,
Used in sports equipment such as shoes.
Car jacquard interior decoration, high-speed rail and subway car seat cushion fabric.
Mattresses and individual beach chairs.