Features of high-speed double needle bed raschel warp knitting machine


High-speed warp knitting machine crankshaft connecting […]

High-speed warp knitting machine crankshaft connecting rod transmission with independent intellectual property rights The traditional warp knitting machine adopts a conjugate cam mechanism for the winding machine parts. This kind of mechanism belongs to the high-paid sports organization. Its shortcomings are large impact, high noise, low speed, high requirements for manufacturing and assembly precision, and the wear of the cam must be worn for a long time. After wear, the cooperation of the warp knitting machine into a ring machine is coordinated. This has a serious impact, which in turn affects the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, the form of transmission mechanism has been gradually eliminated in foreign countries. The eccentric link mechanism is a type of planar link mechanism. As a transmission mechanism, it has a series of features: easy to process, easy to find high manufacturing precision, two-bar linkage with hinged joint, low pressure, so wear less; smooth and accurate transmission, low noise at high speed. The disadvantage is that there is a gap in the contact surface, so when the number of components increases, the accumulation error of the mechanism increases, and the design and balance problems are more complicated.

With the improvement of the design and manufacturing level of the linkage mechanism, it has been able to meet the complex motion equipment and high-speed operation requirements of the warp knitting machine. The crankshaft linkage mechanism actually belongs to an eccentric link mechanism. Since the crank of the eccentric link mechanism is realized by a crankshaft, the number of the structural components is reduced, the space is more compact, and the transmission is more stable and accurate. It is less suitable for high-speed operation when the noise is low at high speeds.

At present, almost all the most advanced single-needle bed warp knitting machine models in the world use the crankshaft connecting rod forming mechanism transmission mechanism, but this mechanism is very difficult to design and process. This technology has not been retrieved in the field of Shear warp knitting machines. The transmission device comprehensively applies a number of cutting-edge technology, such as mechanism design, genetic algorithm optimization design, virtual prototype technology, computer simulation, etc., independently developed the crankshaft connecting rod used on the velvet double needle bed raschel warp knitting machine. The ring mechanism transmission mechanism has been successfully prototyped, and the stable speed has reached 1000 courses/minute. The operation is stable, reliable and basically no noise. The various performance parameters of the machine reach or approach the international advanced level, and the production efficiency is At present, more than 1.6 times of domestically produced similar machines.