Differences between warp knitting machine and the crochet machine


Electronically embossed Textronic, also known as Texnic […]

Electronically embossed Textronic, also known as Texnice lace fabric, is produced on the Turks & Cox multi-comb warp knitting machine. The working principle of the machine is the same as that of the electronic Jaccarat lace.

It only has one more pressing plate, which makes the lace more three-dimensional and has the effect of embroidered lace. Therefore, it can be used for the production of high-grade lace, which is generally used for production. High quality lace fabric. The models for producing electronic yarn raschel lace are MRESF31/1/24, MRESF53/1/24 and so on.

The crochet lace is produced on the crochet machine, and can be divided into a lace belt, a lace-up lace, a raw lace, and a hem lace according to its appearance. Compared with ordinary warp knitting machines, the crochet machine has a unique weft device, and the looped warp yarns are not displayed as much as possible, so the style of the product mainly depends on the change of the weft yarn. The weft yarn can be of any form and is virtually unlimited.

A variety of natural fiber yarns, chemical fiber filaments and staple fiber yarns can be used, and various special fancy yarns and various forms of threads or ropes (such as wool, chenille, knots) can be used. , crochet tape, rope, metal wire, etc.). According to these characteristics of the crochet machine, some lace manufacturers currently use it to produce decorative lace products.