Clear technical indicators, the selection of reasonable shaped reed


In the reed selection process, we require the reed dent […]

In the reed selection process, we require the reed dents uniform arrangement, shall not produce reed road defects; reed blade without burrs; reed protection dents at both ends of the reed on the left require reinforced dents 25 (for Filament chemical fiber, etc.).
Rectangular reed with a tape or caliper in accordance with the basic standards of measurement and acceptance; reed numbers with fabric density mirror counter measurement metric reed number to 10 cm reed count; reed the total number of reed / 10 and reed effective length of Product, the required tolerance ± 0.1%; reed arrangement uniformity through visual inspection or with a magnification of 10 times the projector control standard piece pitch check, the tolerance does not exceed 30%; reed flatness through the touch test requires the peak at 0.05 mm And the reed uniform correction; reed mechanical properties (such as hardness, elasticity) according to technical requirements with a hardness tester and other checks; reed verticality measured with a protractor to reed depth as the standard tolerance of ± 1.5 degrees; reed tilt with dents Side reeds inserted between the reed, and then measured by the protractor, 120 teeth / 10 cm half a reed pitch, 121 teeth / 10 cm above a reed pitch, 200 teeth / 10 cm above a reed pitch; Denture smoothness through the magnifying glass magnification 30 times for observation, requires more than five; appearance neat degree through visual judgment, requires no oil, no marks, no rough oblique, no damage.