Auxiliary mechanism of Knitting machine


Knitting machine auxiliary mechanism 1. Reducer In orde […]

Knitting machine auxiliary mechanism

1. Reducer In order to adjust the machine, a reducer is equipped on the knitting machine to make the machine run at a slow speed for easy maintenance and adjustment.

2. Self-stop device It includes self-stop devices such as machine failure, safety, yarn breakage, cloth surface defects, excessive or small tension, and limited package capacity.

3. Various instruments Knitting machines are equipped with machine tachometer, let-off speed meter and counter according to different models.

4. Enlargement of color variety mechanism It includes jacquard mechanism, yarn pressing rod, flower platen, intermittent let-off and multi-speed let-off.

Classification of weft knitting machines

In the weft knitting production, in order to knit different types of knitted fabrics or shaped products, the types of knitting machines used are also different. The knitting needles inserted into the cylindrical barrel or the dial are called circular knitting machines. Those who are on the flat needle bed are called flat knitting machines. These knitting machines can be classified by needle bed or needle abbreviation, needle bed or cylinder form, and type of knitting needle used. Single-sided knitted fabrics are generally produced on single-needle bed (or single-cylinder) knitting machines.Single-sided knitting machines that use crochet needles as loop-forming parts include trolleys, crane flannel circular machines, and so on. Multi-triangle machines, terry machines, etc. Double-knitted fabrics can only be produced on double-needle-bed knitting machines (or double-sided circular knitting machines). They are generally tongue-stitch machines, such as rib machines, double-rib machines (cotton wool machines), double-reverse machines, jacquard circular machines Flat knitting machine and so on. In addition, in order to produce single-piece shaped products, there are special weft knitting machines, such as full-form automatic flat knitting machines, full-form flat crochet knitting machines, glove machines and round socks machines.