Any kind of yarn can be used for weaving warp-knitting spacer fabrics


Warp knitted spacer fabric is an interesting new produc […]

Warp knitted spacer fabric is an interesting new product. The surfaces of the two layers of fabric are linked by a dedicated yarn system, the distance of which can be varied. The yarns are woven into a fabric in a certain order, and the bulk of the fabric can vary. The surface structure and space structure, including the stability, material, structure, color, etc. of the fabric can be changed as required. The fabric of this structure is bulky. In addition, this fabric also has a certain degree of elasticity and great strength. No matter it is natural fiber or synthetic fiber (including monofilament and multifilament), basically any kind of yarn can be used for weaving warp-knitting spacer fabrics. The yarn count can be selected from a wide range. . If only one raw material is used, it is easy to recycle.

Warp-knitted spacer fabrics are widely used in automobile door and side part coverings, seat backs, parcel frames, roofs, roof frameworks, interior decoration, and can also be used as pillars, welded parts, molded parts (melt pressing) And inserts) can also be used as sound-absorbing elements and cushions in car cabs. In transportation and other engineering fields, warp-knitted spacer fabrics can be used as insulating linoleum, molded stroller seat cushions, sound-insulating linings and components, pads in tractor cabs, oil grills, light transmission system materials, fire-resistant carpets and curtains.

At present, the laminates used for interior decoration, such as seat cushion decoration and instrument decoration, mostly consist of the following structures: decorative fabric / PUR (polyurethane) foam sheet / knit fabric on the back or adhesive nonwoven fabric Or film. In terms of manufacturing processes, flame hot-melt bonding is mostly used.